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DAVID YI - Chairman/CEO
Asia Pacific Investment (HK) Llimited is an international private financial services organization, offering our clients expert financial, commercial, corporate and legal advice worldwide. We are committed to developing, enhancing and protecting our clients' corporate & commercial interests. Our commitment to building intimate working relationships with clients, enables us to understand their business and the subtleties of the industries in which they operate.

As expert financial practitioners, being our core activity, our professional promise is to deliver premium quality financial services, tailored by client, by sector and by requirements. In a challenging and ever-changing business world, asiri finance group has expediently become one of the most respected & trusted financial services firms internationally, with a reputation for providing the security and skills demanded by shrewd commercial and private enterprise.

Corporate vision fundamental reason for being is to develop, enhance and protect our client's corporate, commercial and private interests within a financial context.  Our partners and staff focus on developing relationships with our clients. By working as partners with your business, we can proactively provide financial advice and services specific to your needs.

Practitioners are experts within their respective fields of finance. They recognize that industry knowledge and expertise are essential in providing tailored financial advice to match your business objectives. Corporate values our core values are essential and enduring tenets, by which we expect all our staff and associates to practice.

• Honesty
• Balance in life
• Courage
• Relationships
• Respect for others

We apply a flexible culture that adapts to the commercial and timeframe imperatives of each transaction and provides an individually tailored service, which could encompass:

•Acting for lending syndicates, or separately, senior and junior debt providers, and high net worth individuals of financial accommodation to listed and unlisted property trusts and developers.
•Acting for fund managers to provide financial accommodation secured by real property
•Strategic advice on corporate governance issues and financial services regulation
•Strategic advice on the implications for the restructuring of assets, refinancing and other issues
•Undertaking due diligence and credit risk management
•Documentation of secured asset finance facilities
•Acting for senior debt providers and mezzanine lenders to major infrastructure projects, and large scale residential, commercial office, and retail projects
•Drafting commercial lending documentation and systems for institutional lenders

Private wealth management
• Private Placement
• International finance
• Asset allocation
• Commodity trading
• Senior debt providers
• Mezzanine lenders
• Fund managers
• Major Financial Institutions
• Private Lenders
• High Net Worth Individuals

Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) -specialist in Banking, Corporate, Finance and Securities Law at University of Oxford - Business School

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) - Finance and Financial Management Services at University of Cambridge

Has over 15 years in the international Banking and Financial Sector.

Certifications / Qualifications - CIIA, CGFM, AAFM, CSIA, CRM, CAIA, CFA, CFC.
JOSEPH Y. Z.-Managing Partner
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.), Banking and Finance at The University of Tokyo

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.), Banking, Corporate, Finance, and Securities Law at Peking University, China

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Accounting and Finance at The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Has over 13 years in the international Banking and Financial Sector.

Certifications / Qualifications - CSIA, CRM, CAIA, CFA.

Roxanne Kim

Andrew Zen

Huang Li Quan

Wong Yuen Fai

Kelly A. Jorge

Victor O. Das

Mrs. Isadora Teodoro

Dr. Marcos Diligenti

Dr. Paulo Regal

Paul Martin


Over 50 employees in 3 office branches in Asia and Europe.
The corporate finance cell has the expertise and experience to deliver highly successful outcomes in capital raisings, private placement and mergers and acquisitions for its clients on a national and international basis.

We negotiate structure, document and advice on transactions on behalf of our clients, while meeting the demands and challenges posed by compliance and regulatory requirements. From transitioning and growth issues to the sophistication of the capital markets, the corporate finance cell provides timely, commercially-driven advice to its private and public clients. The corporate finance cell acts for:

• Small and Medium Capitalized Listed Companies
• Large Private Companies
• Corporate Advisors
• Investment Banks
• Venture Capitalists
• Managed Investment Schemes
• Superannuation Funds
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